Ireland’s Govt & Institutional Scholarships

Discover the enticing scholarships available in Ireland, making it an increasingly popular study-abroad choice for Indian students. India leads the globe in supplying international students, with a noteworthy trend indicating that Indian students are on the verge of claiming the top spot in Ireland’s international student landscape. Apply Board’s latest data reveals a 17.8% surge year over year, with 4,735 Indian students enrolling for the 2022-23 academic year. At this pace, it won’t be long before Indian students surpass their American counterparts, making them the predominant student community in Ireland. As Ireland gains popularity among Indian students for studying abroad, let’s explore the exciting scholarship opportunities provided by the Irish government, higher education institutions, and various organizations for non-European Union (EU) students like those from India. The Irish Government’s International Education Scholarship program champions exceptional international students pursuing master’s or doctoral studies in Ireland. In collaboration with Irish higher education institutions and overseen by the Higher Education Authority of Ireland, this initiative grants 60 scholarships annually for a vibrant year of full-time exploration at the master’s or PhD level. Prospective winners should be accepted from a qualifying Irish higher education institution. The scholarship encompasses a €10,000 stipend for a year of dedicated master’s or PhD pursuit and grants a complete fee exemption. The yearly scholarship initiative will welcome applications starting in January.

● Trinity College Dublin: Trinity introduces the Global Excellence Postgraduate Scholarships, providing partial grants ranging from €2,500 to €5,000, solely based on academic merit. This opportunity not only paves the way for a top-notch education but also waves off tuition fees. Moreover, the India Undergraduate Scholarships offer up to €5,000 to celebrate academic brilliance by covering first-year tuition fees for non-STEM programs. Your journey to knowledge just became more within reach!

● University College Dublin (UCD): UCD proudly extends Global Excellence Scholarships to international students, excluding EU fees, who commence their studies in September. To be eligible, applicants must secure an offer (or conditional offer) for an eligible UCD course. Mark your calendars—the deadline for postgraduate students is February 28, 2024, and for undergraduate students, it’s March 31, 2024. This prestigious scholarship exclusively covers the successful candidate’s tuition fees. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to pursue your academic journey with UCD!

● National College of Ireland: For undergraduates with a stellar Grade 12 performance of 70% and above, enjoy an automatic €2,000 scholarship. Postgraduates are in for a treat with €2,000–4,000 off based on merit. And here’s the grand offer: a fantastic €5,000 tuition fee waiver for MSc Entrepreneurship and MSc Artificial Intelligence (Business students). Don’t miss out on these amazing opportunities!

● Technological University of the Shannon (TUS): Rewarding international students with merit-based scholarships ranging from €1,000 to €4,000 sets our institution apart. Joining us means enjoying this exclusive benefit, as other Irish universities and colleges also extend enticing scholarships, ranging from €1,000 reductions to cutting half of the tuition fees. Detailed information about these opportunities can be accessed on their respective websites.

Various scholarships are accessible to non-EU students, including those from India. These funding opportunities are provided by organizations such as

●The Irish Aid Fellowship Training Programme

●The Science Foundation Ireland (SFI)

●The European Union Erasmus+ program

Scholarship applications bring a unique blend of requirements, each with its own set of demands. Typically, aspiring scholars need to furnish a completed application form, academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement. Some scholarships might throw an English language test like IELTS or TOEFL into the mix. It’s like a puzzle, each piece representing an opportunity to secure your educational journey.

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